NJ Lady Titans


Emma Miller 6th Grade

How Being A Part Of The Lady Titans Family Has Changed My Life

By Emma Miller June 2013 6th Grade


            The first time that I stepped into the Teaneck Recreation Center for an AAU tryout, my life was changed forever. Being apart of the Lady Titans family has been an amazing experience that I have gotten many lessons out of so far, and will hopefully continue to be given.

           When I came to tryouts that day, I met a friendly man that everyone called “Coach Bernie.” From that day forward, he was Coach Bernie to me, too. Also, I met Coach Haroon, Coach Ashley, and Coach Raina. These four amazing people have helped me work on my game, and also, helped me work on life.

            When I went into the middle of the circle where every new girl introduced their names, I was lectured with a list of rules to “not break or we will run.” Such as, not saying “can’t”, not leaning on the walls, NEVER walking, and always having a positive attitude. I had not been used to that kind of competiveness, coming from a recreational team in my town. Although, I quickly adjusted, and worked hard.

            From tournaments on the weekends, to fundraising for even more tournaments, I was accepted into the Titans family. This meant looking out for each and every girl, checking up on them if they got hurt, and also, being there for them if they needed a helping hand.

In general, I believe that basketball has taught me to be able to cooperate with a team, make friends, and work hard until the very end. Also, these life lessons helped me do well in school and deal with friend conflicts outside of the basketball world. There is no “I” in team, and that lesson was probably one of the most important, meaning that there is nothing that I can do without my team. From running, to water breaks, the Titans travel in one big pack, never alone.

            As for the skill part of the Lady Titans, I have gone from an “okay” player, to a very good one in the past year and a half of working with this amazing team. It has taken blood, sweat, and tears, but as an individual, I have become a lot better, helping my team be able to improve. Something that has been key to helping me succeed in my basketball career with the Lady Titans is the attention given at each and every practice from the coaches to try to make you the best player that you can possibly be.

            When the team put their hands in and did their cheer after the tryout… “On three teamwork, six hard work, nine titans…” I figured out that this team was the one for me. Luckily, I was right, and I have had such a great experience that no matter how long I play basketball for, I will never forget.  

By Emma Miller June 2013 6th Grade