NJ Lady Titans


Maya Watson 4th Grade

The Titans Changed My Life

Maya Watson 4th Grade Spring 2013


Playing basketball with The Lady Titans has changed my life in many different ways. The Lady Titans is a basketball team for girls in third grade through high school that practices and competes all year round.

     I started with T.Y.B (Teaneck Youth Basketball) for a year, but in the middle 2011 I wanted to see what the Lady Titans was, so I went to practice. Thirty minutes later my eyes were pouring tears. I did not know they make you run three to ten laps, and back then I could only run two laps, I so stayed with T.Y.B for the rest of the year. I thought I got better with T.Y.B and challenged myself to try out with The Lady Titans. At the practice, I couldn’t believe it, but I did it. I loved it, and I was so proud of myself. After a whole year of being a scaredy-cat, I actually made the team!

    Since being on the Titans I’ve developed my physical strength by doing push-ups, jumping jacks, other exercises, and lots of running. (Coach Bernie and Coach Harun keep telling us, “What kind of a game is basketball? A running game!”) I also developed my sportsmanship by not bragging or calling someone a loser. Plus I started supporting the older girls’ team by saying “good luck” and cheering for them at their games like “We’re blue and white and out of sight” and “We’re black and white, we’re dynamite, and you’re going to watch us rock tonight.”

    Our coaches have us remember some special words of encouragement that we repeat at every practice. One is “CALI,” which stands for Communication, Attitude, Leadership, and Intensity! Also, we never say “can’t” because we can always find a way do what we want if we try.

    Playing basketball with the Titans is an honor to me. We love all our coaches—Coach Bernie, Coach Harun, Coach Raina, Coach Ashley, and Coach Chuck—even when they are very strict. I will always try my hardest for the Titans.


—    by Maya Watson 4th Grade June 2013